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Former Times journalist Christine Buckley was to-day elected by members of the national union of journalists to be the new editor of the Journalist magazine.
  In a field of eight candidates, Michael Cross – a freelance who writes for The Guardian – and Mark Watts – journalist, broadcaster and FOIA Centre co-ordinator – came in second and third respect-ively.
  Richard Simcox, who was unveiled in the Watts e-mail circular to NUJ members as the candidate of the political group inspired by the SWP, “NUJ Left”, came in seventh.
  It means that candidates who were, primarily, journalists filled the top three placings. With 27,712 eligible voters, 4,809 ballots were counted.
  Buckley’s election to take over from Tim Gopsill as editor of the union’s magazine was formally confirmed by the NUJ’s national executive council on November 18.
  Watts said: “I am delighted that someone who is, in essence, a journalist won the election. Christine, the former industrial editor of The Times, won the most first preferences, and picked up the most second preferences as each of six candidates were eliminated. She was the clear choice of NUJ members.
  “Christine is a journalist with a good reputation in the industrial sector. She is embarking on a very challenging job, and I wish her the best of luck.
  “I hope she will ensure that the Journalist is independent of the NUJ leadership, of ‘NUJ Left’, and serves only NUJ members. I also look forward to the day when the magazine has a proper website.
  “I am also really delighted that my campaign stopped members simply allowing the ‘NUJ Left’ to usher in their choice of candidate into the job without declaring properly to the electorate that he was their candidate. The turnout was reasonable, and much better than initially expected.
  “I hope that NUJ members will be vigilant in future elections, and will avoid voting on a superficial basis.”
  The result was particularly good news for the FOIA Centre because it means that we will not be losing our co-ordinator.
  The results were: 1st Christine Buckley, 2nd Michael Cross, 3rd Mark Watts, 4th Frank Morgan, 5th Steve Usher, 6th Tim Arnold, 7th Richard Simcox, 8th Dave Tilley.

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Ex-Times journalist elected to edit NUJ mag